Behold, the HALL OF GAME.

It's a big old list of games that were featured on the site at some point. A handy reference for finding stuff from the GAMER PALACE without having to trawl through every Stuff I Played Recently.

Name Tags Store link Screenshot (and blog link)
A Hand With Many Fingers 3D, First person, Narrative, Investigation Steam
Anodyne 2D, Adventure, Exploration, Surreal, Retro Itch
Anodyne 2: Return to Dust 3D, 2D, Platformer, Narrative, Surreal Steam
Automaton Lung 3D, Platformer, Exploration, Surreal, Retro Steam
Ballistic Zen 3D, First person, Platformer, Exploration Steam
Beeswing 2D, Exploration, Narrative Steam
Beyond a Total Loss 2D, Adventure, Survival horror, Comedy Steam
Cavern of Dreams 3D, Platformer, Surreal Steam
Clam Man 2: Open Mic Isometric, Narrative, RPG, Comedy Steam
Cosmic Top Secret 3D, Narrative, Exploration Steam
Crystal Towers 2 2D, Platformer, Retro Itch
Ctrl Alt Ego 3D, First person, Immersive sim, Exploration, Adventure, Comedy, Narrative Steam
Daemonic Runner 3D, First person, Action, Platformer, Retro Steam
Deios II // DEIDIA 2D, Exploration, Platformer, Surreal Steam
Destructivator 2 2D, Run'n'gun, Platformer, Retro Itch
DETUNED 3D, First person, Interface game, Rhythm(?), Surreal, Horror Steam
Disillusion 3D, First person, RPG, Narrative, Surreal, Retro Steam
Elephantasy Flipside Isometric, Metroidvania, Exploration, Retro Steam
El Tango de la Muerte 2D, Rhythm, Narrative Itch
Eschaton 3D, Exploration, Narrative, Horror, Retro Steam
Eternal King 3D, Action, Spectacle fighter, Roguelite, Surreal Steam
Eye of Ra 3D, Narrative, Interface game Itch
Faraway Proximity 3D, Puzzle Steam
For a Vast Future 2D, RPG, Adventure, Retro Steam
FREAKHUNTER 3D, First person, Dungeon crawler, Surreal, Retro Steam
Frebbventure 2D, Action, Platformer, Narrative, Comedy Steam
Glass Wings 3D, Platformer Steam
Going Nowhere: The Dream 3D, First person, Exploration, Platformer, Surreal Steam
HEXCRAFT: Harlequin Fair 3D, First person, RPG, Exploration, Surreal Steam
Hypnagogia Boundless Dreams 3D, Exploration, Surreal Steam
Ibis AM 3D, First person, Exploration, Surreal Steam
Interior Worlds 3D, First person, Exploration, Photography Steam
INTERNULL 3D, First person, Exploration, Puzzle, Narrative, Surreal Steam
Ittle Dew 2 3D, Adventure, Puzzle, Comedy Steam
Lingo 3D, First person, Puzzle Steam
Loplight 2D, Exploration, Adventure, Narrative, Surreal, Retro Steam
Magic Wand Isometric, Exploration, Platformer, Surreal, Retro Steam
Manglepaw Point and click, Exploration, Puzzle, Surreal Steam
Mango 3D, Exploration, Surreal, Narrative Steam
Mezzanine First person, Point and click, Puzzle, Exploration, Surreal, Retro Steam
Mousey 3D, Platformer, Action Steam
Omnigon 2D, Platformer, Comedy, Puzzle Steam
Orbo's Odyssey 3D, Platformer, Action, Comedy, Surreal Steam
Orison of Mercury 3D, Narrative, Exploration, Interface game Itch
Parallel 3D, First person, Narrative, Adventure, Surreal, Comedy Steam
Paws of Coal 2D, Narrative, RPG, Investigation Steam
Phrixothrix 3D, Exploration, Puzzle, Surreal Steam
Sagebrush 3D, Exploration, Narrative Itch
Sally Can't Sleep 3D, First person, Exploration, Platformer, Surreal Steam
Scavenger SV-4 3D, Exploration, Roguelite, Horror Steam
Sephone 3D, Platformer, Narrative, Surreal Steam
Sk√°bma - Snowfall 3D, Action, Adventure, Platformer, Narrative Steam
Skator Gator 3D 3D, Action, Platformer Steam
Skybolt Zack 2D, Platformer, Rhythm Steam
Space Hole 2018 3D, Ball roller, Platformer, Psychedelic Itch
Star Sign 3D, Platformer Steam
SWOLLEN TO BURSTING UNTIL I AM DISAPPEARING ON PURPOSE 3D, Exploration, Puzzle, Narrative, Surreal Steam
The Dishwasher: Vampire Smile 2D, Action, Platformer, Spectacle fighter Steam
The end is nahual: If I may say so 3D, Narrative, Comedy, Surreal, Puzzle, Action Steam
The End of Dyeus 3D, First person, Exploration, Adventure, Open World Steam
The Last Show of Mr. Chardish 3D, Exploration, Narrative Steam
The Real Texas 3D, Exploration, Adventure, Puzzle, Metroidvania, Comedy Steam
The Signifier 3D, Exploration, Narrative Steam
TraumaCore Violence 2D, Action, Spectacle fighter Steam
ULTRAFUN 2D, Bullet hell, Idle, Comedy Steam
Unsorted Horror 3D, Narrative, Horror, Retro Steam
Uriel's Chasm 3: Gelshock 2D, Exploration, Surreal, Horror, Retro Steam
Viking Hiking 3D, Platformer Steam
Vision Soft Reset 2D, Metroidvania, Retro, Platformer, Time travel Steam
Worlds 3D, Adventure, Exploration, Stealth, Narrative Steam
Zelle 2D, Narrative, Exploration, RPG Steam
Zool Redimensioned 2D, Platformer, Retro Steam